You've Got Questions? We Can Help!


For the next three (3) days, I would like to jump-start your career by asking you an important question!

So, here it goes ... "What is the toughest challenge facing your career right now"?

Your toughest challenge may be how to discover your passion or how to bring your passion to market or how find a new job, promote your services, etc.

Perhaps your toughest challenge is how to change your career or ace a job interview or learn a new skill?

Whatever your challenge is, just go ahead and post it right now on this page and I will answer it for you!

I may answer it by writing a new article that addresses your concern or by posting a comprehensive reply to your question on our website.

The concern or challenge facing you is important to me, so go right away and post it here ...


6 Comments on ... You've Got Questions? We Can Help!

1. Tlholohelo ElliottHatlane


I have been an IT Operator in the financial sector for 3 years and I have been an IT Sheduler (Production/Operations Analyst) for 1 year.

I would like to know what is my next career move or the natural progression to take as I move up the corporate ladder?

2. Femi Keshinro


How can I quickly perfect the skills required for a pragmatic data analysis and research consultancy?

3. Viki

I heard that there are good vacancies for experienced mainframe professionals.

So, what are the risks, difficulties advantages and disadvantages of chosing a mainframe career? 

4. Nasa Baig


I have been an IT Contractor for over 25 years and I feel a little lost with my career.

I desperately need some guidance, can you help?

5. IT CareerCoach

If you have ever had the feeling of being stagnant or in a rut in your career, then you also know the necessity of doing some self-reflection on what you need to do to move your career forward!

Career stagnation is bad for you because it leads to career boredom, limits job options, and can ultimately put you out-of-a job when your area of specialty becomes obsolete.


So, here is the question: how can you avoid career boredom, stagnation or job loss due to your career becoming stagnant?


How To Avoid Job Loss By Specializing

One of the best ways to keep your job prospects bright and/or secure is to is to become a specialist in your industry! 

Becoming a specialist means keeping abreast of technological changes or the technical literature associated with your area of expertise.

If you specialize enough, you can earn higher wages, become an expert whose views are sought-after or get chosen for fulfilling cutting-edge projects.

Is a Lack of Specialization Stagnating / Hurting your Career?

If you sense that your employer has a hard time finding projects for you to work on or if you feel like you are too spread out, then it may be time for you to specialize!


So, here are a few career options / specializations in the IT Industry:

  1. Business Analysis
  2. Web Design
  3. Web Development
  4. 'Database Modeling
  5. Database Design
  6. Database Development
  7. Database Administrator
  8. Business Intelligence
  9. Data Warehousing
  10. Web Analytics
  11. Mobile Apps Development
  12. Project Management
  13. Technical Project Management
  14. Information Technology (IT) Management
  15. Architect


6. TC

Hello..I'm an IT Professional with over 20 years of experience. For the most of my career, I have done primarily System Admin work, as well as some Networking and Storage Infrastructure solutions. I'm at the point of my career where I want to go into more Project Management/Business Analysis work. I have my MBA but I'm trying to figure out how to step back from the more "technical" aspect of the job and become more customer facing.

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