What Is The Toughest Challenge Facing Your Career?

Why Tech Skills Matter To your Career

Dramatic change is happening at lightning speed all around and now, more than ever, you need tech skills to thrive or succeed.

From wearable tech. to virtual reality, technology is changing how we live or work and we must go with the times ... or risk being left-behind in our careers, social or personal lives!

  1. Mobile tech. including smartphones is making it easier for us to take our personal and/or work lives with us, wherever we go.

  2. Web & desktop apps are helping us run and/or manage our business processes more efficiently, leading to increased productivity.

  3. Cloud computing is making it easier and cheaper for organizations everywhere, to offer world-class reliable services to their customers at less cost!

  4. Big data generated by myriads of business interactions (website visits, online purchases, digital conversations, etc) is creating opportunities for organizations to analyze and predict human interactions

Virtually every industry (healthcare, finance, banking) and occupation (business analysis, project management, marketing) is being transformed by new / emerging technology. So, right now, is a good time to gain the tech skills you need to succeed in the workplace!

  • Social Media apps like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn have transformed how we socialize, network, communicate or find jobs.

  • Video conferencing and virtual communication technology like Skype, WebEx and GoToMeeting are making it easier for remote workers to communicate or work together across multiple time-zones and countries.

Regardless of your industry or profession, almost every single job posting out there, involves achieving a business goal using a web/mobile app or cloud-based service!

Does this sentence scare you? Don't worry, it's not as hard or as complicated as it sounds. Especially after we show you how to master a few of the basic building blocks of technology.

No, you won't magically transform into a Steve Jobs or Bill Gates overnight, but you will gain enough knowledge, confidence and skills to talk credibly and/or use the core building blocks of most technology-based products or services.

Besides, your new knowledge can transition you into a better paying job or impress the heck our of your current boss or a future hiring manager.

In the Next Post, we will discuss the core building blocks of technology described in this article.