What Happens If My Skills Become Obsolete?

My name is Ryan and I'm feeling stuck in my current career. 

I have been doing SSRS Report Development for the past 10 years.  The main technologies that I use are SSRS, SSMS/TSQL, and Advanced Excel

Most jobs I see posted want more than just SSRS, like SSIS/SSAS.  But these skillsets seem hard to break into unless you have experience.

I would like to get into database development, but how do you do that?  I also have an MCDBA but it seems like education and certifications doesn't matter if you lack the experience.

I worry that my skillsets will become outdated and that I will never be able to qualify for another job.

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1. IT CareerCoach

The fast pace of technological change in the Information Technology (IT) industry renders some formal education or certification programs obsolete and/or irrelevant because of how long it takes to complete these programs!


Because, in the time it takes to finish a two-year college or four-year major, some new technology or technological changes is guaranteed to come along and make the college degree irrelevant or obsolete!

Now, I am not saying that a college degree by itself is irrelevant because nowadays, you are expected to have one!

What I am saying is this: any college major / degree is helpful as long as you don't think that employers will substitute it for practical skills or hands-on experience!

I am also saying that your college degree or certification program is not a replacement for hands-on training / experience in your industry. 

On the same point, many certification programs take so long to complete, that by the time you achieve them, your certification is no longer relevant to your industry!

Employers hire for the ability to solve real-world on-the-job problems!

While some certification programs can prove that a candidate can memorize buzz words, facts, technical questions and/or answers ... these programs do not and cannot prove that a candidate can solve real-world problems solely with memorized facts!

This is really the crux of the matter. You see, solving workplace problems requires a good deal of critical thinking, trouble-shooting and/or pattern recognition skillsUnfortunately, most certification programs focus solely on rote learning or memorization skills!

However, employers are not looking to hire candidates who can memorize technical questions and then recite the answers in a certification program!

On the other hand, employers are looking to hire candidates who can prove that they are good at solving the types of problems or challenges facing their industry!

Instead of looking for a certification program or college degree that you can complete and then, somehow, become instantly marketable, do this ...

Always Be Learning

Instead of looking for a certification program or college degree that will make you instantly marketable, adopt the mindset of a life-long learner!

A life-long learner is someone who is always learning or researching new technology, new techniques, new tools, best practices, etc. because that is the only way to keep pace with the rapid, always changing information technology (IT) industry!

Learn more about the topic: Always Be Learning

2. Kebede Karshba

i am so happy to study please how can i get the leasons ?

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