What Is The Toughest Challenge Facing Your Career?


[caption id="attachment_4208" align="aligncenter" width="425"]The Personality Traits of a Business AnalystThe Personality Traits of a Business Analyst[/caption]

Are you concerned that you don't have what it takes to succeed as a business analyst because you lack extensive paper qualifications, certifications or certain college degrees?

Well, you may be surprised to know that succeeding as a business analyst has as much to do with intrinsic factors like your personality as it has to do with the extrinsic formal qualifications you feel are lacking!

For example, if you have a passion for solving problems or you are the "go-to person" when there is an issue, you already have some of the intrinsic qualifications sought after in business analyst professionals.

You may ease your mind by reviewing some of the intrinsic personality traits sought after in business analyst professionals.

Are You A Problem Solver?

If you naturally enjoy solving problems or you solve problems systematically instead of just grasping the first solution that comes to mind, then you are already equipped to handle one of the key responsibilities of business analysts!

Do You Have Interpersonal Communication Skills?

If you naturally have good interpersonal communication skills then you can also use these same skills as a business analyst to:

  • communicate information with stakeholders in a clear manner
  • interview users to discover or elicit their needs
  • coordinate and lead meetings
  • communicate detailed information regarding solutions and changes
  • clarify messages when others do not quite understand them

Can You Handle Or Resolve Conflict?

If you are good at resolving conflicts, you may use this same skill as a business analyst when stakeholders don't see eye-to-eye.

Your conflict resolution skills can help both sides see the pros and cons of ideas or suggestions and then arrive at a win-win resolution.

Bringing your conflict resolution skills to bear, will help keep things moving or find the best solutions without missing important deadlines.

Are You Good At Budgeting?

Are you the one who handles your family's budget or do your siblings, spouse or friends look up to you for planning how money and/or time should be spent?

If so, you may also translate your innate budgeting skills to handling the resources provided to you as a business analyst.

As a business analyst, your budgeting skills may be used to plan for and/or align the resources allocated to your project effectively.

These resources may include the teams, users, and stakeholders that you interact with from the start to finish of a project.

Are You Good At Asking Questions?

If you are the type of person who seems to know; "what questions to ask, when to ask questions and who to ask", then you already have a skill required for business analyst jobs.

One of the most important questions you may find yourself asking as a business analyst ... is the question: "WHY?".

When you develop a reputation or even the ability to answer tough questions, you become an invaluable "go-to person" in your organization!

Do You Have Any Professional Skill / Expertise?

Do you take the time to develop or build your technical skills? Whether it is as a software developer, data analyst or a programmer, you can also use these same skills in a business analyst position!

Your self-development may include building on your experience as a project manager, SME, recruiter or sales representative.

Your current professional skills may come in handy because different industries / domains require different backgrounds for their business analyst positions.

For example, any expertise, skills and/or experience in web design, web development, computer programming, etc. will help you in any Information Technology (IT) Business Analyst job.

One of the professionals I interviewed and recommended for hiring as a Business Analyst had an extensive background in Sales / Business Development.

This gentleman was consequently hired as a business analyst to help facilitate conflict resolution, negotiation and requirements elicitation with mid-level to upper level management!

Are You An Avid Note Taker?

If you receive comments on your journaling / note-taking skills because you review notes from 10 months ago to address a topic at hand, then you have a strength that is useful in business analyst positions!

For example, you can save time at meetings by not discussing something that your notes prove is no longer practical.

As a business analyst, your note-taking skills will not only help you save time, but also help resolve conflicts, re-discover past decisions and/or and provide additional documents to help with requirements gathering / documentation!

Do You Enjoy Making a Difference?

Do you want to; change the world or make a difference with your skills?

As a business analyst you may make a difference by contributing ideas, reducing conflict, solving problems, improving a process, making a task easier or even saving time.

Whenever you effect positive or effective changes, you are doing good as a business analyst.

Keep in mind that it doesn't matter how small or large the problems you solve are because the folks you help will appreciate the improvements.

Can You Wear Two Hats; At The Same Time?

If you have the ability to see both the big picture as well as the details, you have the capacity to become a successful business analyst.

Your ability to see the big picture helps you guide the project in the right direction. While, your ability to be detail-oriented helps you not to lose track of those tasks / things that appear to be small, but yet are important!

Are You An Ambitious Person?

Ambition is one of those traits that will help you do what needs to be done to get the right results.

Armed with ambition you can, for example, overcome the tough times that come when a "Project Sponsor" or stakeholders force unpalatable changes to you project!

There are lots of unchartered, unpredictable waters that business analysts have to navigate because they have to work with a lot of people!

So, bring plenty of ambition to help you handle the challenges of the business analyst profession.

Succeed As A Business Analyst Already!

Now that you see how you can apply your natural, innate or current personality traits to your business analyst profession, what's holding you back from succeeding at your BA job?

Consider that in the U.S., the average salary of a business analyst professional is $80,000 and you may make even more once you are established or become confident in your skills.

By now you should be convinced that you have what it takes to succeed as a business analyst. If so, what should be your next step?

Research business analysts job postings to discover how much your skills match the job positions already! If you discover any gaps between what's required and your current skills, you may shift focus to getting your skills gap met through training and and/or coaching.

Apply the personality traits mentioned in this article and in little to no time, you will find yourself succeeding as a professional business analyst!

Best wishes to you my friend :-)