What Is The Toughest Challenge Facing Your Career?


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"The best feature of this course is that it really tells you what you need to know to succeed in the IT industry. You really don't need all of the useless education that the colleges what to make you think that you need to have a great computer job.

Right now I am still learning a computer language called SQL. I am reading about it every day. I am really excited about learning about this system. Not only do I like his product but the customer service is excellent. I had a question about the product he answered me right away. Some comnpanies take days to answer a concern or problem.

- Omar Donovan, Charlotte, North Carolina

"I recommend ITCareerCoach for Business Analyst Job Interviews prep

I found the materials easy to follow for learning the various skills that a BA needs

I discovered how to do a thorough area-wise (location) research on the prospects of BA jobs where one resides.

What I mean here is the stress on micro detailing for a BA job vs. the more commonly used macro approach that is adopted while looking for a job. This of course is dependent on whether or not one wants to work where they live. Still there are a lot of small job boards that list local BA jobs and it's worth it to go through these in detail."

- Sumit Sharma, NYC, NY

"I got many answers to the questions that I was not able to solve myself for the last six months. How to get experience if you have none? What to expect from a IT job? How much effort will it take from one's side to get into IT? I understood the point when he explains that you don't have to be a math whiz or a rocket scientist to write good computer programs.

I really liked the solution that he has given to the question. How does one gets in the industry when he has lack of experience? He gives a great solution to this problem."

- Nitin Kapur, India

"ITCareerCoach introduced me to the world of object oriented programming, and his patient guidance has helped me to overcome my fears, doubts, and gaps in knowledge.

Right now I am still learning about C#. I have been at it for only a few months but I can honestly say that I have come farther than if I had paid thousands to attend a college. ITCareerCoach has given me the confidence and courage to reach for a better job.

One of the things I've found most helpful is ITCareerCoach's willingness to answer even the most simple questions. That is important because even if everyone else knows it -- YOU DON'T--. ITCareerCoach is willing to answer any question and encourage you, not embarass you because you don't know.

ITCareerCoach's intimate knowledge of the IT industry, who's hiring who's not, what skills are the most valuable, these are the assets that set him above the rest and will set you on the fast track to becoming a computer programmer.

I have come to know ITCareerCoach as a professional and as a friend and I believe there is no one with more intergrity or with more passion for helping people better themselves."

Chris Newgent, USA

"I have been out of work for 1 year. Now, I have learned how to get back in the game and I know exactly what this will take.

ITCareerCoach does not waste any time on information that will not help you. This is NOT a re-hash of stuff you have already heard before.

I wish they taught a course like this in school."

Terrick Wilkerson, Chicago, IL

"There is such a wealth of information out there that it can be overwhelming to someone trying to figure out what they need to know.

I mean, when you look in your local bookstore you will see a huge section of books to help, but what you won't find is the insider information that will teach you exactly is the most profitable and what techniques you absolutely must know.

You also won't find any resources that will give you the inside information about how to write a specific resume so you stand out from the crowd. You also won't find the inside information about what interview questions to expect and more importantly - how to answer them!

ITCareerCoach supplied all this information and more. And not only that, but it was structured in such a way that it was easy to learn. Each step builds on what I learned in the previous step so I never get overwhelmed.

You have given me the keys that have allowed me to unlock my potential - and I will forever be grateful.

Matt Kovacs, Saint Louis, MO (Software Developer Boot Camp and Resume, Job Search & Interview Coaching Graduate)

"I'm very enthusiastic about the Business Analyst Boot Camp course work ... on reviewing one of the initial documents titled 'How to Get a Business Analyst Job', I had realized that my resume was not quite focused enough to generate activity.

I had subscribed to a feature on a particular online job site that allows me to see who has been reviewing my resume. My original draft was dismal garnering only three hits in about eight weeks. I tweaked and updated my resume after reviewing the 'Killer Resume' section and received eighteen hits over the last few days and I'm getting call backs!"

David, New York (Business Analyst Boot Camp)

"ITCareerCoach has helped me to get back in the swing of things. I was doing better with practicing my skills and my job search after I graduated, but I had lost my focus and drive after a while. I now have an action plan.

ITCareerCoach gave me customized, practical, real-world career information that I have never found anywhere else.

I am lucky that I came across his website by accident (I was researching something). I like that the programs were affordable and well worth the price.

ITCareerCoach has taught me things that I never learned in graduate school. He has opened up a whole new world for me. Thank you!!!"

AnnMarie Caruso, Bronx, NY

"I like the comprehensiveness and lay-out of the course. It starts with the "basics" and progresses to the more technical aspects - all the time growing knowledge and understanding.

The fact that I can repeat until I have gained the insight that I needed on the different aspects and the fact that there is a coach that is willing to assist all the time.

The knowledge I gained enabled me over the past months to focus more on quality during analysis and to be able to identify "gaps" where I previously were not able to to this. I have learned to focus, focus and focus on good, comprehensive and quality requirements.

This course is quality and industry related - cutting out the "fluff" and focussing on the "real" content needed. It is self study according to your own timing and it is a universal course - applicable to every type of organisation, country and job."

Business Analyst Boot Camp - Van der Westhuizen, MBA (Johannesburg, South Africa)

"I've found the course a brilliant refresher and a source which enables me to consider familiar things in a fresh way.

The SQL particularly has provided me with correct technical terminology for skills I've learn't on the job and been doing for years but not had the correct technical language for.

A key benefit has been the ability to pick up and put down the training (pause and resume) which gives it the maximum flexibility for learning."

Data Analyst Boot Camp - Jeanette White (London, United Kingdom)

" I have read many books on subjects about data management and data analysis...none have compared to VIEWING the SQL Bootcamp's instructional videos - why? Because seeing is understanding..that's how we learned as children - by sight and sound, not by reading words.

Watching the instructors teach me how to load SQL server, navigate to the query pane, enter in SQL statements, see the result sets come back, made it so much easier - like the proverbial 'light bulb' switched on in my head about how useful SQL can be for folks like me who want to understand their data, use the power that querying can provide in bringing result sets to life and actually 'getting it'.

I recommend this course for beginners and intermediates and seasoned pros because the assignments 'ram home' the knowledge. You can actually get a job in this stuff after this course - how many books can do that? Go for this course! Thank you SQL Bootcamp!!."

Michelle Primmer - SQL Boot Camp