Career Coaching Guideline

Career Coaching Guidelines

We provide career coaching services for professionals interestested in starting a new career, finding a job or advancing their skills in careers like business analysis, business intelligence, data analysis, database development, database administration, networking, project management, sales & marketing, software development, web design and more …

Please read this section carefully to understand how our career coaching works before you signup.

Coaching Location

Your career coaching will be provided online using your private coaching account on our Learning Management System (LMS).


You will communicate with your coach / course instructor using our LMS emailing system.

This means that you will post questions for your course instructor or coach and received replies on discussion threads on your Private Coaching / Support page.

Our LMS will notify both students and coaches by sending emails through our system. Your conversation with your coach or course instructor is confidential.

Responsible Parties

Your coach or course instructor will be responsible for assigning activities including: reading books or online articles, writing articles or social media posts, tweeting, watching videos, taking quizzes or practice tests, answering questions, researching topics or lessons, completing and submitting assignments or any other learning activities assigned by the coach through with or without the LMS.

It is your responsibility as the student to participate and complete all the activities assigned by your coach.

Delivery Format

The career coaching courses may also be taught through professional study textbooks assigned by your course instructor / coach.

So after you pay for your coaching, you will may be required to purchase some study textbooks for your coaching.

Please budget about $100 for buying these study textbooks from

When your coaching starts, you will be asked to research concepts online, read articles, make blog posts or study chapters from your textbooks by your coach.

You may also be asked to watch videos, answer questions, and discuss topics with your study group members.

Please note that this is not an exhaustive list of activities and that all activities assigned to you by your coach or course instructor are mandatory for you.

Lesson Structure

Each of the activities assigned to you by your coach or instructor will be posted in the form of a Module or Lesson.

Assuming that you have completed all pending Course work, expect to have a minimum of one (1) new lesson or module per week.

Coaches will take an average of one (1) to three (3) business days to review or grade assignments, practice tests or quizzes or respond to your questions.

Coaching Resources

This section reviews the primary tools that will be used to facilitate or provide your coaching

Learning Management System

Discussions, questions, answers, assignments, and quizzes will be posted on the LMS.

The LMS will notify you by e-mail whenever a Module (reading assignment, video or quiz) or a discussion is posted.

Articles – you may be assigned articles to read and discuss on our LMS. These articles may be written by us or third parties.

Study Textbooks

You may be assigned study textbooks to read and discuss on our LMS.

Coaching Videos

You may be assigned videos which you will need to watch and/or discuss on our LMS.

Quizzes or Practice Tests

From time to time you may be assigned quizzes and practice tests to help you retain, understand and evaluate the concepts you are exploring or learning.


You may be assigned reading assignments (books and articles to read), written assignments (blog posts, article to write, etc.) or other tasks that go along with your coaching activities.

Some Available Coaching Courses are …

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Coaching – Bring Your Passion To Market

If you only want to learn how to market your ideas, products or services using a blog, signup here.

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Coaching – Resumes & Job Interviews

The turn around time for rewriting your resume or coaching through mock interviews is one (1) week.

Please note that our Resume Writing or Mock Job Interviews are standalone services that do not not include blog coaching or any other coaching services.

Coaching – Resume Writing

Hire us to rewrite your resume and highlight the relevant skills or experience for your job search.

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Coaching – Mock Job Interviews

Do you have an upcoming job interview? Hire us to help you identify, prepare or help you practice personalized answers to common or difficult job interview questions through ourĀ mock interviews coachng.

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