How To Automate a Business Using Information Technology

In part 1 of this series, you learned about the importance of gaining business process automation skills.

How To Stay Ahead of the Technology Curve

From artificial intelligence (AI) agents and augmented / virtual reality to self-driving cars, big data and block-chain, dramatic technological change is happening at lightning speed all around the world. New or emerging technology has the potential to transform / disrupt the business landscape, dislodge established companies and/or re-invent entire industries but … New / emerging […]

How To Learn in-Demand Skills, Get A Good Job or Advance Your Career

How To Create Your Career Success Plan

Setting goals is important for your career because it helps you focus your effort, your energy, time and resources on achieving results that matter to your career! While setting goals, it is important that you choose goals that excite, motivate or interest you, otherwise achieving your goals will not move you forward in your career. After you […]

What Determines If You Will Get A Job?

As human beings, we do not like uncertainty and so, when faced with uncertainty, we respond by doing those things that give us more control. This is often the case in our Job Search. We are not sure of the factors that make our job search, interviewing or hiring process successful, so, we deal with […]

How To Become A Computer Programmer

Transition To In-Demand Agile Skills With This Step By Step Plan

In agile projects, product features are built in short time periods (sprints), so that testing, customer feedback, product releases and profits are realized early and continuously, throughout the life of the project! Agile development processes can result in higher customer engagement, better product quality, lower risk of project failure, increased team engagement and more revenue […]

How Do You Design A Hospital Pharmacy / Drug Inventory Database?

What Does A Simple (Poor Man’s) Requirements Management Document Look Like? In this series, I am discussing what it takes to design a Pharmacy Inventory Management System from the business analysis & requirements management phase to the conceptual, logical and/or physical database design phase and finally onto the software development & software testing phase. In […]

How To Become A Technical Project Manager (TPM)

This article, we are answering questions about the challenges facing Project Managers (PM) careers / jobs on topics such as: How To Become A Project Manager How To Get A Project Management Job How To Ace Project Management Interviews and more …. 

Career Coaching Guidelines

We provide career coaching services for professionals interestested in starting a new career, finding a job or advancing their skills in careers like business analysis, business intelligence, data analysis, database development, database administration, networking, project management, sales & marketing, software development, web design and more … Please read this section carefully to understand how our […]