Moving Up From Customer Service To Database Administrator

I want to know where to start in learning about computer programming / data base administration?

I had done a couple career test and one of the careers that suited me was working in computer science/data base administrtation.

I had even taken an attiude and appitude test to see if it was a career fit and I had passed them both.

I had graduated from college at least 15 years ago but I feel I need a career change from customer serivce.

This is what I want to do and I want to learn more about being a computer programmer or work on databases and I need to know where to start at?

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1. IT CareerCoach

If you can, I will advice you to learn both computer programming and database design but if you have to choose one, learn databases first and here is why ...

Databases Vs. Programming Which Is Easier To Learn?

I would like to break up learning everything about databases into three (3) major parts: part 1 - learning relational database design and development, part 2 - learning SQL Query Writing and part 3 - learning database administration.

Learning a programming language iike Microsoft .NET includes: part 1 - learning web development (HTML, ASP.NET), part 2 - learning csharp programming language and part 3 - learning relational database design and development and sql query writing.

Learning a relational database like SQL Server is a much simpler task than learning a programming language like Microsoft .NET CSharp. Except of course you are studying to be a Database Administrator (DBA) from the beginning, which then becomes a whole new proposition.

Can A Beginner Become A Database Administrator (DBA)?

In the real-world, you can get a database job if you master relational databaase design, database development and sql query writing.

These skills qulaify you for database developer jobs, report writing jobs, data analysis jobs, sql jobs. etc. YOu can also get any of these jobs without extensive industry experience because in the big scheme of things, designing a database or writing sq queries is not really that hard.

So, you don't need five years of industry experience to get a database developer or sql query job, you just need to be very good at it.

On the other hand, you need prior extensive experience and skills working with databases at all levels before anyone will give you a database administrator (DBA) job because the responsibilities of managing all the administrative facets of an enterprise database will not be entrused to someone without a lot of experience.

Can Programming and Databases Be Learned At The Same Time?

You can actually learn database design and development at the same time you are learning relational databases and here is why:

Part of being a Software Developer aka Computer Programmer is designing the databases and writing the SQL Queries / stored procedures you will need for your application.

In other words, when a company hires a computer programmer, they expect him / her to be very skilled at all aspects of database work except the administrative aspects which are usually always left to the DBAs.

While there may be multiple database developers / computer programmers working on a project, you usually only have one DBA or sometines a few more that will review all the stotred procedures and databases and enforce standards before the application is deployed to a production environment.

Learning both databases and a computer programming at the same time is feasible as long as you realize that you have to put in a lot of work as you are essentially mastering two career paths and areas of responsibilities at the same time.

In summary, learning computer programming, SQL Query Writing and Database Design + Development skills will open up your career to all sorts of corporate Information Technology (IT) Jobs.

The demand for database skills is high and the demand for computer programmers is also very high. So, combining skills from two (2) in-demand career paths can only work in your favor and make you more marketable.

2. subhash reddy

What are the cons and pros of database administrator careers?

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