Looking for Project Management Work with an MBA, ITIL & PMP

I graduated with an MBA in project management last year, I've got my ITIL V3 cert, and I've taken my PMP course, not sure now if I have enough projects to take the exam, so I"m still working on that.

I have experience in electronics through the Navy, I worked as a home advisor for Apple for a couple years but now I intended to get into it project management on some level and I've been looking for a year with no luck.

I've spoke with all types of people and everyone says "you should be able to find something piece of cake"...

I'm either doing something really wrong or I need more training....what should be my next step?

I just dont want to invest anymore time if what I'm doing doesn't point me in the right direction? 

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1. IT CareerCoach

Every job posting out there requires some level of education ... but educational qualifications alone are NOT the most important requirement for getting hired!

While your educational qualifications (high school diploma, college degrees, certifications, training courses, etc.) prove that you are intellectually capable of doing a job, they are not the sole criteria or most-important requirement for getting a job!

In the Information Technology (IT) industry, educational qualifications satisfy only the basic or minimum requirement for a job

Hiring Managers place a-lot-more emphasis on your hands-on experience or practical skills than they do on your educational qualifications!

How Can Your Educational Qualifications Help You Get A Job?

A college degree like the Master of Business Administration (MBA) or a certification like the Project Management Professional (PMP) or Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITILcertification only proves that you have the basic educational background for a Project Management type job.

However employers want to hire when they are convinced that you are already skilled or experienced at doing a job!

Employers are not really interested in how smart you think you are! They are solely interested in your past accomplishments because they believe that your past performance is the best predictor of your future performance!

So, if you can find a way of proving that you will perform on the job (e.g. project management) based on some previous tasks / jobs, then you will succeed in convincing them to hire you!

This is why a lot of smart, talented people don't get hired ... they present their advanced college degrees or certifications as a substitute for their lack-of-hands-on experience and then wonder why they are being passed over!

Generally speaking, hiring managers care more about your skills and/or hands-on experience than they care about your educational qualifications! 

If you want to get hired for any IT job (project management, business analysis, management, etc.) think of how to get a lot of hands-on experience / practical skills because that's what hiring managers want to see on your resume.

Think in terms of how you can gain the requisite hands-on experience by volunteering or by working on related tasks at your present place of employment or by taking on any training that provides practical hands-on skills.

Finally, keep in mind that ... you cannot substitute your educational qualifications (even if they are advanced) for a lack of hands-on experience or lack of practical skills!

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