What Is The Toughest Challenge Facing Your Career?

How To Get Started With jQuery - Part 1


<li><h3>Begin With A Career In Mind</h3>

<p>It is better to first choose a career and then find the qualifications (certifications, degrees, skills, experience, ec.) that go with 

that career than the reverse.</p>

<p>The reason why you should pick yur career first is that college degrees are for the most, general purpose qualifications.</p>


<li><h3>What Does A Marketing Degree + Database Management Certification Do For You?</h3>

<p>The types of jobs you could do with a business degree and a database management certification include: database developer jobs,

report writer jobs, data analyst jobs, marketing jobs, sales jobs, database marketing jobs, web analytic jobs, etc. </p>

<p>Keep in mind that a database management certification by itself has no value unless you gained practical skills that you can use in solving real-world 

database problems.</p>


<li><h3>How Do You Pick A Career?</h3>

<p>Don't assume that getting a certification and / or changing careers will lead to more job statisfaction because it may not.</p>

<p>Take the time to figure out why you are not growing in your current job and then figure out what it is you really want to do or 

what type of work will make you happy. It is really only when you figure this out "what you are passionate about"

or "what you are naturally wired to do" that it will begin to come together for you.</p>