What Is The Toughest Challenge Facing Your Career?


I"m looking for a position either as a Business Analyst, Implementation Consultant or possibly account executive for an ecommerce platform provider or technology provider providing services to enhance or facilitate ecommerce, such as an integrator/middleware provider.

The best of my experience is with B2B but will consider B2C for a company willing to overlook my limited experience in SEO and social media.

I feel like I'm spinning my wheels in my search and am looking for a more efficient strategy to get interviews and land a position.

Some significant challenges I'm looking to position in the right light are a few recent job hops and the fact that I am now unemployed.

The most significant tenure I have on my resume is with ACDelco from 2004 - 2009 where I deployed ecommerce for their distributors in North Central region. When General Motors conducted large scale layoffs in 2009, including my team, I did a lot of moving around to survive and keep my skills fresh.

An unfortunate gamble I took and lost was in 2011, where I left a position as eCommerce Marketing Manager for ACDelco's largest distributor to accept a role as Business Intelligence Manager for an auto parts buying group that recruited me.

After accepting this position, it was eliminated within 8 months because the data I was to work with was not reliable.

Data cleansing and normalization at this company was overseen by the Director of Supply Chain and out of my control.

After the Manager of BI position was eliminated, I quickly accepted a sales job with Time Warner Cable Business Class, selling their voice, data and cloud services.

Although this was a huge departure from what I did before, this job was offered to me through a friend, and I accepted it because my mom needed open heart surgery and I had neither the time, nor the mental energy to conduct a full blown job search for a role in B2B ecommerce when I needed to travel back and forth from TX to NW Indiana to visit her in the hospital and arrange for her rehabilitation.

I finally left this role, because quite honestly it was a bad fit and I wasn't making quota, so I left before I was told to leave.

In spite of what appears to be some messy job hopping on my resume since 2009, the experience I gained since I left ACDelco was enormously valuable and I know I can make a great contribution to the right organization.

I don't want to keep accepting positions to survive and want a role where I can stay as long as possible. I just need to get in front of the right hiring manager who will have empathy for my history.

I'll attach my resume. Any direction you can point me in will be appreciated.