What Is The Toughest Challenge Facing Your Career?


Some people are more open to trying new experiences (food, travel, music, etc), so, for them learning new skills is just like trying sushi for the first-time … they either love it or they hate it.

For others, the mere idea of learning a new skill is so intimidating, that, they feel like giving up even before they try!

Regardless of how you are wired, sometimes, you have no option but to learn a new skill, because it is considered to be a part of your job or it is required for transitioning to a new job / career.

When you are forced to learn a new skill because of life or work circumstances, you may find yourself unable to figure out the new skill quickly enough, even with the help of videos and textbooks!

This is one of the ways we can help.

An example is learning a database language like SQL or learning a skill like public speaking.

Learning public speaking can be emotionally challenging for some and if you are one of those that is intimidated at the thought of speaking in public, then you will know that just watching a video or reading a textbook is not enough to overcome the fear of public speaking.

This is where organizations like Toastmasters excel. They can help you overcome the fear of public speaking by giving the positive emotional support and structured step-by-step practice exercises needed to learn the new skill.

So, if you ever feel worried or challenged at the thought of learning a skill, try changing the learning environment to one that has more inter-personal connections and conversations compared to a more formal / traditional class-room setting or video training.

At this point, the question really is ... why is it more effective to handle a challenge like public speaking in organizations like Toastmasters than by watching a video or reading a textbook?

The answer lies in the community feeling, human connection and personalized conversations offered by organizations like Toastmasters.

If you find yourself, afraid, worried or stuck trying to learn a new skill through watching videos, trying using our coaching services, so you can get that personal encouragement, inter-personal connection and support you need.

Another way that we learn is by doing.

Reading textbooks and / or taking classes is useful but it does not take the place of learning by doing, especially in the tech. / IT industry.

Learning new skills by doing stuff is a practical, hands-on way of learning which is better suited for the IT / Tech. industry.

With that said, one of the biggest challenges facing tech professionals is taking on a hands-on learning activity that is, way bigger than they can handle.

A good example is the challenge faced by computer programmers who take on a freelance or side project to learn how to develop a website or an app.

What sometimes happens is that the developer realizes too late into the project that their family, leisure or personal time is being sucked up by the side project and that their personal relationships or day job is suffering, often, with disastrous consequences for their personal or professional lives.

You can avoid these challenges by using our coaching services to choose the right type of hands-on project that is appropriate for your skill level, so, you don't feel over-whelmed or get stuck in your career.


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