How Do I Transition To a Web Development Career?

I have been in IT for almost 30 years and most of my career has been on programming and database development.

I have very little exposure or experience on web design and development.

We are now using .NET at our site but no hope for me to get into any web development soon.

How best to get the exposure and experience in web so that I become more marketable?

What online courses would you recommend that I look into, so that I can at least learn the latest tools and techniques?

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1. IT CareerCoach

The twin and/or allied careers of software development and database development are amongst the most marketable and best-paying careers in the information technology (IT) industry1

Experienced and skilled software / database professionals now earn anywhere from $60,000 to $120,000 and some even earn more!

Every Business Needs A Website!

Think about this; practically every business / organization that is doing something worth-while needs a website (web design), business software programs (software development) and databases and this translates into the best full-time / consulting / contracting / freelancing opportunities for software / database / web design professionals!

Not All Programming Languages Are Good For You!

With that in mind, there are lots of web / software development languages including: Visual Basic (VB.NET), CSharp, PHP, Ruby, Java, Python, JavaScript, etc.

There are advantages and disadvantages to learning each programming language but the programming language that we recommend is: CSharp (C#) which also goes hand-in-hand with .NET Framework / ASP.NET Web Programming and SQL Server Database Development.

We recommend the C# Programming Language because it is the programming language of choice for many for-profit organizations and businesses!

C# is easy to learn, master or become productive with compared to languages like C/C++ or Java and it versatile, allowing you to branch into business intelligence development or web development or even mobile apps development!

Finally, we also recommend C Sharp (C#) because is useful not only for building websites but for automating practically evert facet of a business (sales, marketing, accounting, inventory) or industry (healthcare, tele-communications, etc) and it can be used to extend / integrate other business software applications like SharePoint, Dynamics and more ...

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