How Do I Become a Database Programmer Without Experience?

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How Do I Become a Database Programmer Without Experience?

I received my last degree back in 2010, an MBA with a concentration in MIS and Professional Accounting.

I have never had an opportunity to work with databases or gainfully in an IT area, except for help desk over 13 years ago, but I would like to begin.

I am at a transitioning career stage. I’ve had 20 years with a company, but have never been able to get into their IT dept.

As I’ve said, I have no hands-on marketable database programming, management skills, but I would like to become a database manager/programmer.

What to do?

I’ve faithfully looked at job listings for different database positions and the list of requirements or desired qualifications can be ‘discouraging’.

I’m a quick study but I haven’t had half of the exposure you would need to qualify for these requirements.

I’m 44 and have no desire to start from ‘scratch’ with education, but what do I do?

How can I become a desirable candidate?

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