Does Your College Major or Degree Match Your Career Path?

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Does Your College Major or Degree Match Your Career Path?

I am a recent graduate of management information system and am currently doing an msc information systems management.

After graduating i became keen to know more about management information systems and what it entails as i developed interest in wanting to know more about the course.

Right now I am confused about the career path to take, if it become an academia or be a data and information management analyst.

I don’t know if my degree path is in line with my career path.

I have worked in the bank as a customer care representative, i have worked in an NGO as a database entry officer, i have taught in a school as a computer class instructor, i have done a 6months internship as an I.T Support officer.

I am oracle certified (oca and oce) and i have done a project management course.

I participated in Leadership role during my undergraduate study and was also involved in voluntary works with some NGOs.

Please advice on what career path suites me.

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