Does Your College Major or Degree Match Your Career Path?

I am a recent graduate of management information system and am currently doing an msc information systems management.

After graduating i became keen to know more about management information systems and what it entails as i developed interest in wanting to know more about the course.

Right now I am confused about the career path to take, if it become an academia or be a data and information management analyst.

I don't know if my degree path is in line with my career path.

I have worked in the bank as a customer care representative, i have worked in an NGO as a database entry officer, i have taught in a school as a computer class instructor, i have done a 6months internship as an I.T Support officer.

I am oracle certified (oca and oce) and i have done a project management course.

I participated in Leadership role during my undergraduate study and was also involved in voluntary works with some NGOs.

Please advice on what career path suites me.

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1. IT CareerCoach

Do not limit your career options or restrict your career to your college degree because regardless of your college major, you will always have multiple career paths to choose from!

What Is The Toughest Challenge Facing Your Career Today?

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If you have any question or challenge about your career, go ahead and post it as a comment at the end of this article or submit a new question using the [Ask IT Career Coach] Career Advice Service. and I will answer it for you, just like i answered the question posted in this article!

2. IT CareerCoach

Your college major does not have to match your career path because the background, skills and knowledge required for Information Technology careers are typically gained on-the-job and not in a classroom / college!

So, with this in mind, employers will not discriminate against or hire you because of your college major! 

You may have to try different jobs and/or careers before you discover your ideal career.

Discovering your ideal vocation is a trial-and-error process that usually takes place over time.

This process of self-discovery may start as early as high school and extend into mid-life.

Finding your ideal career is best done by identifying, developing and marketing your strengths. It may also include trying different types of jobs or careers and learning which ones match your strengths or are fun, interesting, easy or even rewarding.

Finding your ideal career path does not depend on your choice of college major but on how successful you are at identifying your talents and using them to serve your industry / the real-world!

Hiring Is Based on HandsOn Experience And Not Your College Major

You cannot practice law without a legal degree or become a doctor without a medical degree.

On the other hand, you can get an Information Technology job without a degree in computer science or Information Technology!

Remember this: The Information Technology (IT) industry does not function like careers in medicine or law because there is no universal law that makes certain college majors / degrees a requirement for an IT job!

When it comes to IT Jobs, hiring is based on your hands-on experience, practical knowledge and skills and these are not tied to your choice of college major. 

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