Can You Revive a Dead Business Analysis Career?

A personal situation caused me to take a career break from Business Analysis.

During my career break I have done volunteer work, admin work and a Foundation degree.

I now want to return to Business Analysis but I have been told by one company I have been out of it too long and the preference will always be candidates with the most recent experience.

What options do I have to become more relevant. I already have an ISEB Diploma.

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1. IT CareerCoach

When it comes to finding an Information Technology (IT) job, preference is usually given to candidates with the most recent job experience!

However, don't give up on your job search just because you lack recent industry experience because you may still find a good job by leveraging your resume and job interview process to your advantage!  

A Key Principle of Successful Job Searching Revealed

Here is one principle that you can leverage to your advantage during the Job Search process.

The more resumes and/or job interviews you attend, the greater will be your chances of getting an  IT job because in the end, finding a job is more or less a numbers game!

Here is why getting a business anayst job or any job for that matter is a numbers game.

Applying to More Jobs Postings Gets More Job Interviews:

The more resumes you send or job openings you apply for, the greater are your chances of getting multiple job interviews

With that said, writing a quality resume vs a plain or boring resume will also increase your chances of landing multiple job interviews.

Taking More Interviews Leads To More Job Offers

The more job interviews you take, the greater your chances of landing one job offer or even multiple job offers!

But it is not just the quantity of job interviews but the quality of interviews that matters as well!

So, if for example, you get very skilled at preparing for and/or acing job interviews you may end up with more job offers than better qualified candidates who are not as prepared for the job interview process as you are!

Don't let the recency of your job experience discourage you from applying for jobs because there are other factors that influence the Job Search process like the "quantity / quality" of your job applications and the quanity / quality of your job interviews!

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