Can A Data Analyst Become A Computer Programmer?

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Can A Data Analyst Become A Computer Programmer?

Can A Data Analyst Become A Computer Programmer?

As a data analyst involved in a website design and development project at work, you want to know if you can transition permanently into a Software Developer role?

I will answer your question by first examining the shared responsibilities, tasks, skillsets and roles between a data analyst and a software developer.

Database Design & Data Modeling

Database Design & Data Modeling is one task that is performed together by the software developers and data analysts on a project. 

Database Design is a shared responsibility because no-one role (data modeler, data analyst, software developer, etc.) owns completely the task of designing a database. 

Designing a database for data analysts or computer programmers includes tasks like: analyzing business requirements, reviewing Use Cases and/or technical specifications, and identifying objects, entities and their relationships.

With that in mind, a data analyst that is highly skilled in database design & data modeling is also; one step closer to mastering the skills required to become a software developer.

SQL Query Writing

A data analyst primarily: identifies trends, creates insights and answers business questions using data. 

Data Analysts identify patterns in data by directly querying databases using SQL Queries and/or data warehouses using Online Analytical Processing tools.

Nowadays in many organizations, computer programmersalso write a lot of SQL Queries as part of their software development role.

So, a data analyst who is skilled at wriitng complex sql queries and not just; hiding behind a front-end tool that does all the querying, has masterd another skillset that is required for software development jobs!

SQL Report Writing

As a data analyst, do you prepare databased reports?

Sure there are reporting tools that allow you to generate reports without knowing how to code or write SQL Queries, however, I am not interested in your ability to use these types of tools at the moment.

Data Analysts skilled at writing creating custom reports in Crystal Reports, SQL Reporting Services, etc. using C#, VB.NET, VBScript or some other programming language are already on their way to becoming computer programmers!

Any familiarity with programming logic (if-else statements, loops, etc.) gained while writing custom data analysis reports using SQL, C#, VbScript, JavaScript, etc. prepares one for a software development job.

So, the answer to the question: "Can A Data Analyst Become A Software Developer?" is yes ... especially for a data analyst that has taken the time to master the skills listed in this post as part of their job!


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