Can a Casual / Power User Become A Data Analyst?


I am considering a career move to Data Analyst. I am a super end user in MS Office and other applications. I have even created simple databases in Access.

What I want to know is if your training program is for someone who does not have experience as a data analyst, database developer, business analyst, software developer,busness analysts,report writer, etc.

I am afraid of signing up for the program and failing. Thanks for any advice you can give. 


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1. IT CareerCoach

Microsoft Office (MS Office) casual / advanced / power-users can definitely become Data Analysts because spreadsheet programs like Microsoft Excel and database software like Microsoft Access can also perform a number of standard statistical calculations needed by Data Analysts!

Can Microsoft Excel Be Used for Data Analysis?

Microsoft Excel may be the most commonly used spreadsheet software for personal computers.

It is fairly possible for anyone with a Microsoft Office license to perform a number of statistical calculations / analysis using Microsoft Excel.

However, please keep in mind that Microsoft Excel may not be robust enough / well-suited for some Data Analysis tasks!

Can Microsoft Access Be Used for Data Analysis?

One of the limitations of Microsoft Excel is that it is cumbersome to use in environments where there are lots of data to update or multiple cells, links, formulas and functions to analyze! 

Microsoft Access may be a better choice than Microsoft Excel for analyzing large volumes of data or multiple, related datasets!

It's Time To Step-Up from Microsoft Excel / Microsoft Access 

With all this in mind, our Data Analyst Boot Camp can help you because we don't assume that you have any specialized Information Technology (IT) background / experience when you enroll!

Our Data Analysis classes can take you from novice or utter beginner to advanced level topics in a step by step fashion with each lesson building on the topics taught in previous lessons so you don't feel overwhelmed or dumped on!

We also don't make any assumptions about your technical background and that is why we will teach all the pre-requisite knowledge as part your Data Analysis classes.

So, yes, you can learn Data Analysis without fear-of-failure at the Data Analyst Boot Camp!

2. Michael

Can you send me the cost of this course and the start date for the next batch.

3. Mary A


My name is Maryan, and I have IT background (BA) with MED (Masters of Education).

I would like to get training as a data analyst or data designer / management with job placement.

Do you prvide this  kind of training?

Kind regards,


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