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In this issue, the question of: "How Outsourcing Is Affecting The Pool of Available IT Jobs" is answered.

Here's The Question Submitted by A Concerned IT Professional:


Your Software and SQL Boot Camp sound great and all. You also stated that a IT job is practically guaranteed when one becomes a Microsoft.Net Software Developer!

However, Dice discussions portray a very bleak picture.

They include outsourcing, Indian countries taking jobs pennies on a dollar, programmers with 20 yrs experience being laid off and unable to find work, people with various degrees not getting hired, etc.

The only ones that seem to get hired are the ones who will take minimal pay. Basically 95% of the discussions say that IT dead and will only get worse over time.

What's your view on this?

Is this a reality check for aspiring programmers?

Will it still be worth the time and effort to learn these skills?

Is Outsourcing Really Depleting The Pool of IT Available Jobs?

Do you believe that many of the available Information Technology jobs have been outsourced or are about to be outsourced from the US?

In case you are wondering? I don't see any evidence to support the views that Information Technology jobs are drying up or that IT Professionals are having a harder time finding jobs because they are being outsourced to other countries!

The evidence I see actually points the other way:

IT professionals including Software Developers and Computer Systems Analysts (Business Analysts?) are amongst the most in-demand professionals in the USA.

  1. Read the recent report about how: Software Developers are #1 and Computer Systems Analysts (Business Analysts) #4 most in-demand professionals in 2013...

  2. Read the article about: the relationship between the Computer Systems Analysts and Business Analysts profession...

How Successful Is Outsourcing?

Outsourcing hasn't been 100% successful as the hype surrounding it suggests.

For example, there are many outsourced jobs that are being pulled back to the US because they were executed poorly because of language barriers, challenges with managing teams on different time zones, the inability to translate business requirements accurately and a host of other issues.

In a nutshell, it turns out that a lot of the outsourcing talk is just hype and many companies are realizing that too!

Worrying About Outsourcing Is Unproductive!

Outsourcing is a global phenomena that affects probably all professions and careers!

For example, many patients are flying to India or South Africa for medical treatment because the cost of medical treatment in the USA is high when compared to the cost of medical treatment in countries like India / South Africa.

Now, does that mean that the medical profession in the US is threatened and Medical Doctors about to lose their jobs to outsourcing?

Far from it! Medical Doctors are still amongst the highest paid professions.

Worrying about "how outsourcing will affect Information Technology (IT) careers (business analysts, computer programmers, data analysts, project managers, etc.") is not going to be helpful because: the cost of employing skilled professionals in any industry is cheaper in places like India and China than in the USA

So if the outsourcing hype is true, then everyone who has a job is also in-danger ... and not just IT Professionals:-)

So, don't worry about outsourcing, just focus on improving your skills and you will be OK.

Focus On Your Skills! If your skills are really good and anyone is going to lose their job, it won't be you since you are one of the best in your profession!


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