What Is The Toughest Challenge Facing Your Career?

A Step By Step Plan for Finding a New Job Or Getting Hired

1. If you are looking for a new job, you need to (#1), first take the time to learn or master the required skills before (#2), rewriting your resume to match the job postings or finally (#3), applying for jobs!

2. Why? Because job postings are written for those who will be productive from day one because employers do not want to re-train new hires.

3. Don’t be like those job seekers, who assume that they can get the attention of hiring managers, simply by re-writing their resume without significantly improving their skills!

4. Know this, posting your resume mindlessly without first learning the skills required for the job, is a black hole that either sucks up your time and energy or brands you in a negative light as thoughtless to employers.

5. Do this first, take a personal inventory of the skills required for your job posting, then take the time tostudy, learn and improve on your weak areas.

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Here Is A Step By Step Plan for Finding a Job Or Getting Hired

  • Step #1: Identify your ideal job by researching current job postings

  • Step #2: Describe your current skill-sets, experience and background

  • Step #3: Identify the gaps between your current background and your ideal job

  • Step #4: Create a roadmap or timeline for bridging the gaps between your background and ideal job

  • Step #5: Get the skills, knowledge and experience required for your ideal job

  • Step #6: Rewrite your resume to match your ideal job

  • Step #7: Search for your Ideal jobs using currently effective job search techniques

  • Step #8: Prepare for Job Interviews jobs using currently effective job interview techniques

  • Step #9: Negotiate your job offers the right way and you get hired

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Here Is The Reader’s Question

I am trying to shift to Business Analyst career.

Having 4 years total experience as Middleware Admin IT.

So preparing resume is difficult.

Read all your notes in the website was helpful.

But I still am not satisfied with the outcome.

So any suggestions?


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